johannaHello, my name is Johanna, and for years I use to study our environment until I was able to focus on my true passion, making people happy. You see, in my junior year of high school, I specifically remember my English teacher, Mr. Robin. He was asking people to answer the question, “What is the meaning of life?” Many people answered to glorify God; however, when I was called on I answered, “To make another person’s life better.”

I know that I am not breaking barriers here and changing people’s lives, but event coordinating has been something I’ve enjoyed and I love seeing the smile on my clients’ faces after the day is over. That’s not to say science wasn’t something I wasn’t interested in, after all my surname is Solar, so it almost felt like I was meant for it. It just never gave me satisfaction of making that one persons day better.

In the end, I’m Johanna Solar, and I’m here to make your event as special as can be. You can always read my blog for advice, or contact me to hire me as your planner. Please visit the contact area if you would like to speak with me further.